April 29

Mark 12:30
And you must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength.’

Loving the Lord is not something that can only be completed by head knowledge. Loving the Lord with your mind alone does not embody the love for which we are called. The love for which we are called requires our heart, it requires our soul, our mind, and all our strength. The Love we are called to is one that takes our entire being to fulfill.

Loving the Lord with one or two out of these four elements cannot suffice. It is only when we embody love through these avenues that we can truly say we love the Lord. Our hearts must be in agreement with our soul, which have to be in agreement with our mind which also have to be in agreement and empowered by our strength. The word of God is very precise and it is true to every degree. When it comes to loving the Lord every part of your being must be in alignment. Your mind and your strength cannot love Him outside of your heart and soul. We must check ourselves. Look deep into your love for the Lord and ask yourself, how much do you love the Lord? We must love Him wholeheartedly and the greatest part of it all is that He is able to enable us to love Him in the way He commands us to.

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