October 29

Proverbs 15:32

If you reject discipline, you only harm yourself; but if you listen to correction, you grow in understanding. 

Although discipline is often a hard pill to swallow it is definitely one that is necessary. Discipline is not a respecter of age because irrespective of how old you may be you are never too old to be disciplined. This is especially true in our Christian walk. As we go on this journey there are many times that we may trip and there are the times that we may simply fall but in all these things we must learn to accept discipline when it is given to us.  

Discipline builds character in us.  it helps us grow from one stage to the next. When we reject discipline we only hurt ourselves. We put ourselves in a place where we become stagnant and complacent. Rejecting discipline is a quick way to stunt your growth. If we reject discipline we realize later in life that the things we should have learned while we were in high school or in middle school have now come to hunt us. We must learn to listen to correction and beyond that we must learn to love and to be grateful for the correction that we receive. There are many people out there that look back on their life now and they wish someone would’ve corrected them and discipline them in their younger days and even in their adult life but it is too late. So as you have the opportunity, be grateful for the discipline you receive. That which you receive from your parents, family, bosses and most of all your father in heaven. To be disciplined is to be loved so next time you’re being disciplined thank your God that He loves you enough not to allow you to rot away. 

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