Confidence In Knowing

June 7

Luke 1:37

“For no word from God will ever fail.”

It gives me such great joy knowing that the word of God is Ye and Amen. There are peace and comfort knowing that the words of God trump every other word spoken in your life. Today is a day of remembrance, of the power that God holds. If you have forgotten that He is Adonai and the I AM, then I am here to remind you of that. When God speaks no other god or man dares to speak. He is Almighty and All-Powerful. Take joy today in what the Lord has said concerning you because nothing He has said can ever be voided.

Revel in His promises. Have confidence that every word He has said, no matter how grand or minuscule it will come to pass and will accomplish its purpose. Do not be discouraged when life begins to take its own course. Know that You serve the God of all creations. The one whom the sun and the starts daily worship. He is the Begining and End of all things so be rest assured that nothing He has said about you will fail. His will and purpose for you will be accomplished. So be glad in Him, take joy in Him, exalt Him and bless His Holy name, for His words concerning you are perfect.

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