January 23

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

“Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up.”

This journey is not a one man journey. There is no possible way that one man can carry out the things this road puts in our way by themselves. Moreover no man is an island. We all need someone to lean on. This is irrespective of our strength or position or degree. We all need a brother, we all need a sister. This journey is inevitable and we will all walk it paths. What’s important are the individuals who journey with you. Those are the ones that make the difference. They either make your journey worthwhile or they make you wish you never met them. As Humans we really are a peculiar people. There are some people that are kind at heart and others that are far from that. Some will be very consistent and are very concerned with your physical, mental, emotional, and Spiritual well-being while others can care less. 

However two is still always better than one, but more isn’t always merrier. You have the responsibility of choosing wisely. It is your job to sift through the people that come in and out you your life. It is your duty to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit when it comes to choosing friends. Choose those that will pick you up when you fall. Those that will be honest with you in all things. The people that will always point you back into the path and direction of God’s word. Those are the people that you ought to build with. No one cannot do this journey on your own. You need good people to go through it with. All that matters is choosing those who will help make you and not break you. 

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