Allow The Spirit

June 5

Ephesians 4:23

Instead, let the Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes. 

The Spirit is alive and working in us. He is active and able, and through Him, we can do all things. There are many things that we cannot do on our own, but glory be to God that He has given us His Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit that helps us align our thoughts and our hearts with God and His word. It is the Holy Spirit that helps us keep our attitudes and everything else in check. Without the Holy Spirit, we would do whatever we want and say whatever we want, whenever we want, and this, of course, will be of no use to anyone. As we have come into the faith, the Spirit of the living God is always working in our lives and is still working to make us like Christ. 

Allow yourself to be renewed by the Holy Spirit as you take on each and every new day. Renew your heart and your minds every morning. Get into your word, and meditate on something. When we keep ourselves in the word, we will see a difference in our lives and a newness in our thoughts and attitudes.

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