Give Thanks Always

June 4

1 chronicles 16:8

Give thanks to the LORD and proclaim his greatness. Let the whole world know what he has done. 

What has the Lord not done for you? He has given you shelter, provided you with food, put clothes on your back, and watched over you. He has kept you from the fowlers snare, kept air in your lungs and put light on your path. Think about your life, look at all that you have and ask yourself what has the Lord not done for you? You are alive and not dead because of Him. You have your sanity and your strength because of Him. He is the one that you have to thank for the very life you have been gifted with. And those days when you felt that all hope was lost He was the one that kept you. In those days where nothing else could satisfy your hunger and your thirst it was He who satisfied you. He is the one who found you when you are lost and buried in the dark places of this life. He has done great things for you. Had it not been for Him you would be dead in a grave somewhere where no one can find you.

He has always been with you and He will continue to be with you. In those dark days and those dark times where you had no one to turn to He was there for you. Therefore you have every cause to thank Him and every reason exalt His holy name. 

Proclaim His goodness to everyone who has ears to hear and even to your own self. Be intentional in adoring and honoring the Lord He has done great things for you and He deserves all the praise and adoration. 

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