Love Correction

June 6

Job 5:17
“Blessed is the one whom God corrects; so do not despise the discipline of the Almighty.”
Do not be offended when the Lord corrects you. Do you not feel unloved when He reprimands you for the wrong you do. Furthermore, do not question the love of the Lord for you. When He speaks against your actions, there is no doubt that the Lord loves you. No one in this world can love you in the manner that the Lord does; neither can all the love that people have for you put together ever come close to God’s love. It is because He loves you that He corrects you. Imagine seeing a child in the store with his or her parents having an anger fit and destroying things, will you, as a bystander, take that child and discipline them? Chances are you will not,  because you do not have any attachment or love for that child, and for that reason, you may look at them, shake your head and say if they were mine, I would’ve handled the situation differently. 

In this scenario, it is only the parents that can discipline that child because they love them enough not to allow them to misbehave. Furthermore, you do not care to correct that child, because they don’t belong to you. Also, you have no emotional connection or otherwise to them. As the parents of that child will correct them so will the Lord correct those He loves. He will not stand on the side and watch you rot neither will He shake His head and do nothing about it. His discipline is not without love. Instead, it is rooted in the most profound depth of His love. Do not be discouraged when the Lord corrects you. Do not allow yourself to feel as though you are hated, rather when you are being corrected by your father in heaven take it with joy and gladness and know that whatever He does is for your good and the good of those He brings your way. Accept your discipline with smiles of happiness for the Lord loves you. 

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