Accept One Another

March 5

Romans 15:7
“Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.”

It is baffling to recognize that as humans, more than anything else, we have such hardened hearts towards one another. We are so judgmental, and we do not always look favorably on one another. Often, we expect from others what the Lord does not even require of us, and when people do not meet our unreasonable expectations, we cut them off and out of our lives. In all honesty, if you are completely truthful with yourself, you know that if God demanded of you the requirements, you demand of others you would not live up to it. Therefore, it is absolutely ridiculous to hold others to standards you cannot meet.

Each person must learn to accept others as Christ accepts you. The world around you does not have to think as you do or act like you. Though we are all created in the same image of God, we are each given different personalities. We, therefore, cannot impose ourselves, our emotions, and personal flawed reasoning on anyone. We must learn to accept just as the Lord accepts us. Accepting others certainly does not include sin or anything contrary to God; it simply means do not impose your judgments on anyone. Do not write someone off because he or she does not agree with your point of view, or that he or she does not speak in the same manner and likeness as you. Do not allow minuscule elements to create a bridge between yourself and others. 

Love the Lord and accept one another. Let love speak louder than hate, let it be seen and known, in your actions, that the sons and daughters of God emit love wherever they go. Accept one another and let glory and praise be given to our Lord.

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