March 19

1 Corinthians 16:13
Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. Be strong. 

In times like these our faith is truly tested. It is in these times that we see where our faith really lies and how rooted and firm we are in Christ. In times like these where the world around us begin to fall apart, Where everyone puts their hope and their faith in material things we as Christians are exposed to ourselves, in a way where we’re able to look deep within and ask the question, where truly does our hope lie.   

As we await the second coming of Christ we have a duty to be on guard and prepared. We have to be strong in the faith, being led by the word of God. In these times we are able to see our true nature. Where our ultimate trust lies. It is in these times that we get to truly see the depths of our hearts. As the world experiences a meltdown we all begin to take precautions. Although precautions are great and necessary some of us, if we are honest with ourselves will realize that our hope, and trust is in the materialist precautions that are around us. In time like these let us not only be on guard but let us shift our faith that it may be firmly rooted in Christ and Christ alone. He is the answer to everything even this current period of time He is the answer. We must not loose focus. Be courageous, be strong and be rooted in faith in God. 

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