March 18

Luke 6:46

“So why do you keep calling me ‘Lord, Lord!’ when you don’t do what I say?” 

The reality is there are too many of us believers who flirt with the idea of knowing who God is. Many of us call His name, and profess His good works however we have a hard time believing solely in Him. We call unto Him yet we fail to do what He says. Why is that? For one many of us are living a lie. Many of us are convincing ourselves falsely of our relationship with Him. For some of us we know that our relationship with the Lord is almost nonexistent however we will fake it till we make it so that the world around us will think that we are ok. For this reason we are able to call His name but our lack of relationship with Him hinders is from doing why He says. 

Look deep at your relationship and based on that ask yourself if you really know the Lord. Lack of relationship will indeed hinder you from being in a place where you can do His will. Without relationship you have no desire to obey His will or His word, and this is the reason why many of us are able to call on the name of the Lord yet we have no desire to do what He says. The inevitable truth is without relationship we will find it extremely difficult to do what God wants because it is the relationship that we have with Him that enables us to work. We must learn to honor Him in all our ways. Build firmly your relationship with Him, that you may be able to do what the Lord says. 

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