You Do Not Have To Return

January 14

Proverbs 26:11

As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his foolishness. 

There’s no reason why anyone should return to the mess that they have been delivered from. God is a God of completeness and therefore He is one who delivers fully and absolutely. When we as a people receive our deliverance from the Lord it is our responsibility to walk in that freedom. For instance if you have been delivered from lust, it is your responsibility to make sure you do everything within your power to keep yourself away from the things that are lustful, or have some sort of ties to lust. 

Our deliverance though is complete in God is a process as well. You do not get delivered only for you to return back to it at your earliest convenience. You do not give in to it at the sight of temptation. The Bible is very clear, it is only a fool who returns back to his or her vomit. Nonetheless there is hope. Hope of never  reverting back to our old ways and that hope is the Holy Spirit. 

We cannot walk in our deliverance and our freedom without the Holy Ghost because it is His power that enables us. If we go around thinking oh the Lord did this or that so I’m going to go for it we will fall again and again. This is so because without the enablement of the Holy Spirit in every way, especially in the way of self control we cannot do anything. We need Him without a doubt and we always will. For us not to return to our vomits we have to remain in The Lord and follow the guidance and the leading of the Holy Spirit that’s the only way we can truly succeed. So if you are wondering why you keep going back, the answer is you. You because you have chosen to do it on your own without the Holy Spirit and it is only when you let Him lead that you will make it through. 

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