January 15

Psalm 39:1

I said to myself, “I will watch what I do and not sin in what I say. I will hold my tongue when the ungodly are around me.” 

Self determination is a powerful tool to have. If you are self determined you are able to do what ever you set your mind to. If you are determined to be watchful of your actions you will not find yourself in positions that will cause you to fumble. There is always going to be temptation. It can be as small as eating the sweets that your doctor has warned you against, or watching the overtly sexual movie that everyone’s watching on Netflix. Though temptation will always find a way to make itself present you have other choices to choose from and living a righteous life is one of them.  It’s a choice we can make without hesitation if we are determined to do so. The truth is sin crouches at our door daily but if we do not take action against it we will never be able to stop sinning. 

We must watch what we do, the things we say and the actions we take. Each one should be able to put a tight reign on their tongue. We should be able to ask ourselves does my actions and my words reflect the goodness and the glory of God. Are your actions pulling on the heart of the those around you who aren’t in the faith? Do those same actions show the love of Christ to those around you?  Keep a watchful eye on yourself. Monitor your own action and deeds. Account for yourself and be truthful. If your words or action and deeds aren’t glorifying to the Lord, change them. 

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