February 5

John 6:21

“Then they willingly received Him into the boat, and immediately the boat was at the land where they were going.”

How many of us seek the Lord with our mouths but reject Him with our hearts. Often times we realize our need for Christ in the early stages of our seasons. Our downfall however, is that even though we realize our need for the Lord we do not want to give God control. God is always there for us. He is in every joyful moment and painful moment, every up and every down, He is in every storm, and on every boat you find yourself in. The difference is that even though He is present, because His word said He will not leave nor  forsake us, He will not force Himself into our different situations and decisions without an invite. 

Yes He is there with you even at this very moment but He will not take over until you give everything over to Him. He cannot do what He wants to do in your life until you willingly give it up to Him. What storm are you in, and who do you have in your boat? If you have God in your boat, not just as a passenger but as the driver your life will not be the same. When you willingly give control over to God you will see change. 

Troubles and storms are inevitable but who you choose to Fight for you will either make you or break you. 

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