What Seems Right

May 3

Proverbs 14:12

“There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end, it leads to death.”

Have you considered your ways lately? It is essential that we take periodic stops and examine our ways. It is vital that we put our lives before our eyes and honestly judge ourselves through the lens of the scripture. As Christians, especially Christians in this new age, it is effortless for us to lose ourselves and take on everything that we see the world presenting. There are certain behaviors, character traits, ways of speech, acts, etc. that is acceptable and endorsed by the world. However, because we are not of the world, we have no business taking on the things that the world offers. Nevertheless, if we are not careful and vigilant we will do the very thing that we know without a shadow of a doubt isn’t right before the Lord. 

Many are the things that are acceptable to the world, but because we are not living for the world, we cannot take part in them. We must be cautious of our actions and decisions, because certain things may appear godly, and if we are not watchful we’ll fall into pits and ditches. It is true that not all that glitters are gold; for this reason, we must watch and pray. We must double check what we do to make sure we are in alignment with God’s Word. Many roads will present themselves to you. Some will be decorated with glitter, while others with gold and silver. Still, there will be some that are as plain as day, so be careful as you make your decision. Do not be fooled because the one that glitters can very well have death waiting for you at the end. Seek God regarding all your ways and make your decisions with caution and discernment. Be vigilant, keep your eyes on the Lord, and He will keep you in all your ways.  

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