What Are You Leaving Behind?

February 10

 There are two common sayings that we always hear. First is  “our life is not our own,”  and second “you reap what you sow.” Though very common and even overlooked these two saying hold so much truth. In actuality it is true that our lives belong to God, therefore, everything we do must first go through Him even before we put anything into action, and in the same way, it is true that we will surely reap what we sow therefore we ought to sow strategically. 

These sayings don’t just affect us but those around us as well. We must realize that what we do will affect the generation behind us. They too will reap some of what we have sown. The question then becomes what I’m I leaving for those behind me to reap? I’m I leaving blessing, favor, good fruits, etc. or I’m I leaving destruction, suffering, poverty, and pain? I’m I leaving them with things that will better their lives or that which will make their lives a living hell. We are all equally responsible for the actions and decisions we make but we need to be cognizant of the fact that our lives truly don’t belong to us and what we do now and the decisions that we make can affect someone decades down the line when we ourselves are no more. Will that effect be a good one or a bad one, that’s the question we must always ask ourselves before we do anything.

Let us strive to be a blessing unto others even when we are in our graves. Let us live a life that will bring glory to the Lord and even bring about positivity and blessings in our absence. Let it not be said of you that someone else is bearing your punishment, but rather let it be said of you that generations are reaping your blessings.

Lamentation 5:7 NIV “Our ancestors sinned and are no more, and we bear their punishment.”

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