February 12

Jeremiah 29:13
If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.

The way to search for something is with ones eyes. In our Christian walk we search with the eyes of our heart. It is with our heart that we search because when we search with anything else other than our hearts we come up empty. What we do sometimes as believers is we attempt to look for God in a physical sense, and because we’re searching with our physical eyes we almost always run into a dead end. God is Spirit and in our search for Him we must tap into the spirit. We must search for Him through the depth of our hearts.

Truthfully we will find Him if we look for Him but our physical search will never suffice. Even when it comes to us searching for  Him through His word we must read the word with our spiritual eyes otherwise we will find nothing. His promise to us is that those of us who search for Him will find Him if we search wholeheartedly. The question then becomes, is there heart in your search? Are you searching merely with your physical hands and eyes? The heart is a necessary tool in our your search, so if you have not found what your are searching for, begin to ask yourself where your heart is in that particular search. Without the openness of your heart you will not find Him. However if you open up your heart He will meet you where you are. 

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