February 11

John 4:39
“Many of the Samaritans from that town believed in him because of the woman’s testimony, “He told me everything I ever did.”

There is so much power in our testimonies but so many of us underestimate the testimonies we have been given. Every testimony is worth sharing but some times we are more concerned about ourselves than we are about the impact and the help it will bring unto others. We refuse to share sometimes because it exposes a past that no one may know about. A past that the Lord has delivered us from and we do not want anyone to know that we were once in such positions or living such lives. Other times we feel it’s not relevant enough and sometimes we don’t even consider our testimonies as such we may just see them as luck. Yet still there are times that we consider our testimonies too personal and sensitive to share. 

No matter what your testimony is, it is worth sharing. Testimonies have the power to heal and to deliver others from the same thing you may have once struggled with. It is important that we share our testimonies and allow our stories to change others. Additionally there’s no such thing as an irreverent testimony. Something as little as God healing you when you prayed over a headache that altered your day, can give someone the faith and the courage to do the same. Although it may seem so minuscule, it can change someone’s life by increasing their faith. Stop hiding your testimonies. Every little win the Lord gives you is worth sharing just as much as the big wins are. Be more open with your testimonies  and allow God to be glorified in your life. 

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