February 14

To be tempted is not a sin but to allow temptation to rule over your life is where sin comes in. Take this scenario, for instance, someone is craving for all the desserts possible, from pie to cake to ice cream to chocolate etc. the person hasn’t sinned because they are craving all these things.  Where sin comes into play is when the individual goes out of their way to attain all these things just to consume. It is then a sin because he or she is now being gluttonous.

Though temptation is not a sin we must daily die to every temptation so it doesn’t develop into one, because temptation is inevitable. One way or the other someone or something will tempt you. But it is all dependent on you and what you choose to do with that temptation. You either give it the power to become one sin or another in your life or you make it your footstool.

Ultimately the power to overcome sin and temptation is in each of our hands because God has given it to us, but we must arm ourselves and utilize that power we have been given. We need to know our word in order to be able to combat every sin and temptation that comes our way. No matter the sin, no matter the temptation there will always be a way out through the power and strength of Christ. We have to restrain ourselves from giving into temptation and sin, so we need to practice starving our appetite for sin and feeding our appetites for Holiness. We must be vigilant and cautious. Watch and Pray.

Matthew 26 41 “Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

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