September 1

2 Timothy 2:16

Avoid worthless, foolish talk that only leads to more godless behavior.

Do you pay close attention to the things that come out of your mouth or even bother to evaluate what you spew out? Do you even care about the damage your spoken and unspoken words can do?  As believers, there are certain languages more so words that we should never escape our mouths. Certain things that should never be a part of our conversations or our vocabulary. So ask yourself what do I talk about in the fellowship of other believers or even in the fellowship of those of the world. What do I entertain, what do I participate in and what do I make room for. It is inevitable that worthless talk will lead us to worthless conversations and draw us closer to sin.

We must, therefore, check ourselves our surroundings and the conversations we have in those surroundings, and putting God in the equation we must judge for yourself where you stand. Do not be belittle  God in the way you speak. Even in your speech let God be seen. Let the sweet aroma of our Lord Jesus Christ overflow from your mouth everytime you speak. What you say matters, so think carefully before you speak. And in every speech ensure that glory and honor are being given to all Lord.

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