October 5

Romans 1:1

“Paul, a bondservant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle, separated to the gospel of God”

One who is called of God is one who also must be separated from everyone else. When you are called you cannot do the things that the crowds around you do, neither can you make decisions that they make. When you called and marked by God there is suppose to be a clear difference between you and the rest. There must be distinct traits that must be recognized by others. The one who is called has to accept the truth of not being like the world.

They must understand and accept that their speech will be different. Similarly, their walk, reasoning, and their overall doings are different. It is time that we realize, that as children of God we have a role that must be played very well and fulfilled in it’s entirety. We must live life in a way that the glory of God is able to exude through us. We must show that we are separate. That our paths are not the same as the worlds. Any and everyone  who sees you should be able to identify you with Christ. Be set apart, be separate, be the Christ you have been called to be. Let’s separation between you and the world be very clear and vivid. Do not be overcome by the world ideas, do not be overtaken by their doings. You are different therefore behave in that manner.

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