May 2

Mark 6:46

“After telling everyone good-bye, he went up into the hills by himself to pray.”

Secluding ourselves from the rest of the world is something that we all as Christians need to get into the habit of doing. Every so often we need to shut everything out and take a moment to focus on God. With our busy schedules and-planned life it is very important that we do justice to refresh our bodies spirit soul heart and mind. It is very important that we all take time to pray and recharge as well as restore what comes out of us with a long days work.

Jesus always found time to be with the father no matter how crazy and hectic things were for Him and that is something we as believers need to do. Take time to refocus on the Lord and realign yourself with His will. You can never be too busy to fit God into your life. He ought to come first before anything else. Let us then prioritize and set time out for the Lord.

We have to realize that He is the one that Keeps us going. He is our very source of life and we need Him in order to survive. Stay connected to Him that you may be daily recharged and restored as need be. Again you can never be too busy for the Lord so put Him first.

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