April 5

Romans 5:8

“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

The beauty of God’s love is marvelous. It is so pure and perfect that even in our sin He still loved us. It is a love that is unique and unconditional because even with the insight and knowledge of our shortcomings and our future sins He sacrificed the life of His only begotten son. This is love. One that is unconditional and selfless. A love that can save an entire human race is the love our Lord demonstrates. Yet we being made in the image of this God, do not love as He does. 

Looking at the goodness of God and how He can love us irrespective of us, it’s sad to see how hard-hearted we are when it comes to loving others. We place conditions on people and require for those conditions to be met before we love. Imagine God laying down a list of actions for you and demanding that you complete every action item before you can receive His love. What will the outcome be? Will, you have His love or not? If an action item were, “do not lie.” you would probably fail because you might consciously or unconsciously lie about something small, such as the arrival time to an appointment. Do not require from others what you cannot give. Love selflessly as God does. Love regardless of action and deeds. Love the way that you ought to love, as someone made in the image of the one who is love Himself. 

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