Encourage Others

April 6

Romans 1:12

When we get together, I want to encourage you in your faith, but I also want to be encouraged by yours. 

In most cases when we meet men and women of God whom we feel have a relationship with the Lord we looked at them to receive encouragement. We have an unspoken expectation for them to encourage us and to build our faith. We have secretly the building of our faith a task for others. Though we never say it we are always looking to them to pick us up out of the pits. We expect them to know what is going on in our lives just by a simple glimpse. 

The truth however is that we cannot put the burden of our encouragement on other people. We cannot say you are a man of God or you are a woman of God and therefore you must meet my needs. That is not how things work instead these individuals in these positions need encouragement just as much as you do. Our walks are all different but it is one goal and one faith. Do not always expect others to encourage you. For a change you begin to encourage others. Show others through your faith that Jesus is the Lord and let them be empowered by you and be encouraged even as they watch you. It is good to share stories of faith with friends and loved ones. Do not always be on the receiving end do your best to give as well. 

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