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January 19

Romans 2:13

For merely listening to the law doesn’t make us right with God. It is obeying the law that makes us right in his sight. 

If you hear the Word of the Lord and do nothing with it, it is as good as you not hearing it at all. Hearing alone is not enough. It is the action that comes forth once we have heard the Word. The effort we put in trying to do exactly what the Word says we should do, that is what matters. Take this example for instance, your mother can tell you ample amounts of time to drink water to avoid getting a urinary infection. You can hear your mom give you this instruction day in and day out but if you do not actually put it into action it is useless. If you only hear it without acting on it you will see that eventually you will get that infection she had been trying to avoid. 

Now going back to the Word, listening to listen will never make a difference it is only the application of the Word that will bring about the changes. Similarly God has given us laws and merely knowing the law does nothing for us. What brings about change is us obeying those laws and putting them into use. When you put the knowledge that God has given you to use it shows Him that you did not read or listen to His word just for the sake listening or reading, but rather to be changed by it. 

We know ourselves and for that reason we ought to ask ourselves in this very moment of our lives what is God teaching us? What is He saying and what order is He giving to us. And in doing so knowing that we are not doing it for doing sake but to really gain an understanding and grow from one height to the next. 

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