Do Not Dare Envy

January 17

Proverbs 3:31

Don’t envy violent people or copy their ways. 

Envy is not a practice any of us should give into. Envy messes with your heart and your mind and it causes you to do things that you are unable to account for. When envy fills our hearts it causes us to act and react harshly and unnecessarily towards others. For example if you are envious of someone you at times find yourself unconsciously picking on them and finding different things wrong with them that you can expound on to make you  feel or look good. When we allow envy to seep into our hearts we begin to see signs of violence and wickedness in our actions. 

As we see envy is a monster on its own, but to envy someone who is violent is a different ballgame. In most cases a violent person does not care much for others or what they inflict on them. A violent person does not thinks of their actions, neither do they care about the repercussions of it.  It is in every way dangerous to envy a violent person. One thing is for sure is that envy will drive you insane and in some cases over the edge. Do not envy violent people because they act without thought and when they do think it is only about their evil gains. If you begin to copy the ways of the violent you’ll begin to loose your Christ like ways. That way of love and grace. Copy the ways of Christ. His ways are the only ways worth mimicking. While replicating the ways of the wicked leads to death, replicating the ways of Christ leads to eternal life. Copy His ways and live it out fully. 

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