August 17

Proverbs 23:17
Don’t envy sinners, but always continue to fear the LORD . 

As believers we must learn to trust Gods plan for our lives. It is when we begin to doubt that God has our best interest at heart and works everything for the our good that we begin to sway. It is this doubt and selfishness of the heart that often broods envy. Envy can be a silent killer. It is one of those things that can blind a person causing them to do things that are contrary to their character. 

In the culture that we now live in everyone wants to be on top. The world pushes us to chase for the bigger things. Although success is not a bad things it can sometimes cause us to make bad decisions. Our worldview culture and the evil of our hearts pushes many of us to envy those in positions they seek to be in. As well as to envy others things such as materialistic elements and physical and spiritual things. This world is a passage way for us a believers. As such we ought not to be envious of anyone. Look at yourself and at the things that the Lord has given you. Be grateful for what you have and for the those that are around. You must be responsible for your actions and for your heart posture. In so doing you must consistently check your heart, asking God to rid you of all envy the May dwell in your heart. Envy is not of the Lord, let your heart rather fear Him. 

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