Let The Truth Speak

April 21

As long as you live you will surely cross paths with individuals who oppose the truth. There are those who will oppose out of ignorance, those who will do so out of shame, those who will do it out of obligation and those who will do it because they are double minded. Our job is not to judge or leave these people in their ignorance but rather it is to correct them in love and point them to the truth. It is not to argue but rather educate. More often than not when we come in contact with someone who opposes the truth our first instance is fighting mode, but if we fight them we may never be able to draw them unto God. The truth of the matter is no individual likes to admit boldly that they are wrong, but nonetheless, we have an obligation to share the truth, in the most gentle and thoughtful way possible.

  The gentle truth may be showcased in many different ways. Though many times people will not be accepting of your words they are certainly studying your actions. So at some point, we must put the words aside and begin to live out what we are preaching. If we allow our life to reflect Christ, people will surely see it and it will give God an opportunity to work in them. If anyone around you opposes the truth, gently draw them in with the truth of God wrapped in His wonderful Love.

2 Timothy 2:25

“Gently instruct those who oppose the truth. Perhaps God will change those people’s hearts, and they will learn the truth.”


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