Let The Spirit

June 3

Ephesians 4:23
Instead, let the Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes. 

It is so easy to get used to things around us, whether good or bad just as It is easy to give in to the things around us. It is also easy to overlook many things in our lives and in essence allow our emotions to blind and lead us. It is also very easy to get drowned up in life when we ignore the Spirit of God. Another easy route to take when we do not want to accept the truth is the path of arguing with ourselves and others trying every measure to justify our reasons. 

In essence there are many things we do when life happens. The problem often times is that what we do are not things that allow the Holy Spirit to have His way. We often drive the Holy Spirit away when life begins to happen. We come up with our own answers and make our own judgement outside of what the Holy Spirit would have us do. The Holy Spirit has the enablement to hep is in our decision making as well as in the way of our thinking. We must allow the Spirit of God the freedom to renew our minds, thoughts and our attitudes. The reality is you will have some bad days. However even in those moments we must give our minds over to the Holy Spirit. Give the enemy no room to rule your mind. No matter the direction life May take, you must always give room to the Holy Spirit. Me renewed in your minds always. 

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