Know Your Stand

June 5

Romans 8:2
“And because you belong to him, the power of the life-giving Spirit has freed you from the power of sin that leads to death.”‭‭

The next time sin knocks at your door, trying to seduce you into falling for its evil tricks and schemes, remind it of who you are and of the power that is at work within you. When sin comes to draw you away remind that sin that you have power over it and that you choose whom you will bow to. You must understand that you are always in the place of power, and the decision to do or not to do lies in your hands. 

The reason you fall in many instances is because of the mere fact that you forget who you are and the power you possess through Christ Jesus the moment sin peeks its head. You must always remember that because you belong to God sin has no power over you. Because you belong to him you have every right and power to say no. Because you are a child of God you have everything it takes to turn down the sin that knocks at the door of your heart. The power of the most high has set you free from the power and the entanglement of sin and darkness. You cannot allow yourself to fall prey to sin. You are no longer a victim and as such you must have the mindset of one who has already won. You have been completely set free from the power of sin therefore you must act like it. Remember always who you belong to and in doing so remember that the power to overcome sin lies in your hand. You should never be at the mercy of sin because the power to defeat it has been given to you. 

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