February 16

Psalm 97:6“The heavens proclaim his righteousness, and all the peoples see his glory.”‭‭

All the earth is the Lords, and the heaven belongs to Him. He is the maker of all things and the Lord all things. Nothing was made outside of Him. All creation has its inception from His breath and hands. He is a mighty God. All the gods that man has ever created can never even begin to compare to Him. No power can amount to His greatness. 

He is glorious, and worthy of all glory. He is majestic and deserving of all praise. Let all the angels sing to His Holy name. Let all the voices of the earth give Him adoration. Every opportunity to praise Him is an honor.  Therefore praise His Holy name. As you have breath in your lungs shout out songs of praise to His Holy name. He is good and He is Lord, so raise your voices and exalt Him. 

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