Intentional Thanksgiving

May 25

Psalm 136:25

He gives food to every living thing. His faithful love endures forever.

The reason why you sometimes think that the Lord has forgotten you is because you often times fail to look at the little things in life. You fail to realize that the breath you take effortlessly, and the steps you take without thought are all by His grace. It is because we fail to realize that ever piece of vegetable and every ounce of meat we consume is provided by the Lord. Something as minuscule as the piece of gum and the candy we indulge in are all provisions of the Lord. You and I however tend to forget to give Him thanks and to recognize Him for His goodness. This is because we forget what He is to us. On the other hand some of us who remember to give thanks fail to honor Him properly because we generalize it all. 

Let’s challenge ourselves today to give thanks even for the bottle of water we have and for the seeds in our vegetables. Let us be intentional in thanking God blessing by blessing. God is good and His mercies endures forever, and for this He deserves all praise.  Don’t just speed up your prayer just to get it over with, rather think, item by item what the Lord has done and bless Him for it. Remember that even the eyelashes He has provided you to serve as protection for eyes are worth thanking Him for. He provides intentionally so you also thank Him intentionally because He deserves all glory and praise.  

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