Counts No Longer

May 24

2 Corinthians 

For God was in Christ, reconciling the world to himself, no longer counting people’s sins against them. And he gave us this wonderful message of reconciliation. 

We have been given the most beautiful of gifts and message of reconciliation. A gift given not because of our goodness or because we deserve it, it’s a gift solely given by grace and by love. He in His grace no longer counts our sins against us. He has forgiven us of all sins and he no longer counts anything. Christ died to bring us back into reconciliation with God and though He does not hold our sins against us that does not give us the freedom to dabble in and out of it. Yes He no longer counts our sins against us but that’s not a ticket to sin. It is rather our path to righteousness. We are no longer in bondage. We are no longer slave to sin. Therefore we must use the power we have been given to overcome sin. 

We have the gift of being in relationship with our Father by virtue of Christ’s death and reconciliation. Let us take hold of this gift. It’s is priceless to have a relationship with God. There is no other relationship we can ever have that will trump the power of our relationship with the Lord. Find a way to share this beautiful gift with others. Take pride in the priceless gift you have been given. Build on this gift, go deeper and further in the Lord. He is ready for you. As you build yours, share this same gift with all those around you and invite them into a beautiful relationship with the Father. 

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