March 2

Psalm 9:10
Those who know your name trust in you, for you, O LORD, do not abandon those who search for you. 

As believers one thing that we ought to ask ourselves and answer truthfully is how well do we know our God? How much do we trust in His name? When all is said and done we find in our lives that our trust in the Lord is very surface level. We believe that we trust Him. We believe that we know the power of His name but when we are faced with life, we come to realize the  reality, that our trust and our faith wasn’t as firmly rooted as we believed it to be. 

The Lord is always there for His children. He never abandon those who search for Him. The question is how much of that do you believe. If you truly know Him and truly trust Him there are some things you do not dabble in. For one you do not dabble in fear because you know He has not given you the spirit of fear, neither do you dabble with confusion because that is not of Him. In addition you do not dabble in worry because that is not something He has given you as an inheritance. Remind yourself of His word and His truth. Remind yourself of his promises. If you really know Him, then put that into action and trust in Him. 

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