March 4

Romans 12:13
When God’s people are in need, be ready to help them. Always be eager to practice hospitality. 

One thing that is seen in some of us Christians is a sense of pride when it comes to giving in any capacity. Some people feel that if they are going to give then they have the power to decide who is deserving of that giving. By so doing some give based on merit. Others give to receive praise and accolades while others give to showcase power. Although there are those who give for giving sake and with a heart of God there are those who fall in these categories. When the people of God are in need be ready to help. 

God’s people does not only mean believers. There are people out there who haven’t been saved, yet the eyes of God are on them. Just because someone isn’t saved in this moment doesn’t mean they cannot be saved unto God tomorrow. As believers it is important for us to give gracefully and faithfully. We must be ready to practice hospitality and not only that we must be ready to practice without our own rules and regulations. Don’t decide the kind of people you will help because if you are able you ought to do your best to help. Do not say this homeless person will buy drugs with this 50cents and because of that I’d rather keep my money. For all you know the 50cents can add to a dollar he already has to buy him or her the very first dollar menu meal they’re having in 4 days. Do not be so quick to judge when you are in the place of giving. What ever opportunity the Lord give you to be a blessing take it. Let hospitality be a daily practice, even if it’s giving 10 minutes of your day to help and old lady cross the busy street. Remember that you are a representation of Christ and being hospitable is part of bring Christlike. 

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