His knowledge And Wisdom

July 10

Colossians 2:3

“in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.”

We spend most of our lives trying to attain knowledge and wisdom. Some of us go to a great extent to acquire these things. Though there’s nothing wrong with gaining wisdom and knowledge, most of us have the wrong approach. In achieving all the knowledge and wisdom that the world has to offer, there’s one of higher value and importance, and that is the wisdom and knowledge hidden in Christ Jesus. There’s a clear difference between earthly knowledge and heavenly knowledge. There is a depth, insight, and revelation that comes with the knowledge and wisdom hidden in the very bosom of Christ. Furthermore, earthly knowledge can be attained by anyone, but heavenly wisdom comes from above. The Spirit of the Living God opens the spiritual eyes and ears and deposits these gems into us. 

Though most of us, by default, seek only book knowledge, we must know there is something higher than that. Seek God in all your ways, and even as you pursue knowledge and wisdom chase Him more, for what He can add unto you is more significant than anything you can attain on your own. Do not despise wisdom and knowledge, but as you reach to achieve them remain in Christ and allow Him to open the gates of heaven as He also deposits heavenly wisdom and knowledge in you. 

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