He Stands Alone

July 25

Romans 3:3
“What if some were unfaithful? Will their unfaithfulness nullify God’s faithfulness?”
As a body of Christians, we all have someone to whom we look. It could be our pastor, youth leader, choir director, Sunday school teacher, or the audiovisual director. There is not a single type of “role model.” This variation is because everyone comes from different backgrounds and communities. There is nothing ever wrong with having a role-model; it is encouraged because having role models will help our walk. 
On the other hand, the danger of having role models is in individual levels of maturity.  One mistake that we make is directly equalizing the individuals in our lives to God. For example, if a mentor failed to be there when they were needed, then, the individual links that situation to God. In this case, the person begins to doubt God and insists that He will disappoint them based on their experience with their mentor who already disappointed them. We must put a separation between man and God. A man’s inadequacy or inability does not project or reveals Gods inadequacy or failure. It instead shows the ability and adequacy of God because He is not man.
Do not allow the behaviors of man nullify the faithfulness of God in your life. God will always be faithful irrespective of what we do. Do not doubt Him, trust Him and know that He is dependable, and His faithfulness endures forever. 

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