May 9

Psalm 66:19

But God did listen! He paid attention to my prayer. 

Have you ever had those moments where you did not see any reason to go to God because you didn’t think He would listen to you? The chances are you did not go to Him because you felt guilty about something, or that you thought you did not deserve His time or grace. The unfortunate thing is that the enemy takes joy in making us feel this way because he knows that the feeling or belief that God will not listen to us cripples us and keep us away from Him. The reality is if God’s godliness and faithfulness depended on us, there would always be a fall. The joy that we have is that the Lord loves us and will always love us in Himself. 
You should not allow doubt to come in and decide what and how you relate to the Lord. Do not let the fear of feeling that God isn’t listening to keep you away from speaking to Him, relying on Him and throwing everything at His feet. He cares, and He wants to hear from you. Do not shut yourself out and away from Him. Your life is important to Him, and He is concerned about everything that concerns you. He wants to hear about your ups and your downs, your fears and everything in between. He truly cares, and He wants you to speak to Him. Speak to Him day in and day out. You do not have to talk to him once in a day and a specific manner. You can speak to Him anywhere and at any time, and He will hear you. He is a good father, one who loves us beyond measure. If earthly fathers can listen, understand, and attend to their children how much more Him? Trust Him and know that He is in your side. Take some time today and pour out your heart to Him. 

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