May 10

Psalm 9:15“The nations have fallen into the pit they have dug; their feet are caught in the net they have hidden.”
Having the Lord on your side is having absolute victory. Those that have faith in the Lord and follow His ways find peace. When your life is committed into the hands of God, it means nothing goes without His knowledge or foreknowledge. Those who entrust their lives unto the Lord are wise, and by their assigning their hearts unto the Lord, they allow Him to be Lord of their lives. Woe to the enemies of God’s children. Woe betides those who rise against the one whom the Lord has set His eyes. As a child of God, those who rise against you inadvertently wage war against the Lord. 
The beauty of it all is anyone or thing that stands against you has dared the Lord. Those that rise againstyou has done so against the Lord. Anyone who has dug up any pit, or set up any scheme against you will themselves fall because the Lord will lift His righteous right hand against them. If the enemy dares to touch you He dares the Lord, and the Lord will not let go of those who come against you. The works of the wicked ones against you will not stand, because the Lord is for you. Their weapons will not succeed, because you have been bought at a price. Do not waste energy fearing the enemy, spend time instead deepening your relationship with the Lord and trusting in His goodness. Be assured that if you belong to the Lord, those that rise against you will Have the I AM to answer to, and if He is for you no one can be against you. 

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