He Knows And Cares

November 30

Matthew 6:32

These things dominate the thoughts of unbelievers, but your heavenly Father already knows all your needs. 

That thing you have ruled out and rendered unnecessary is something that the Lord cares about. God cares about every need you have and every need you’ll ever have. When He doesn’t give you something it’s probably because He has something better for you, or maybe it’s not time for that particular thing, or that thing might lead you to your down fall. There are many reasons God can decide to keep something from you and every reason He has is justified. 

However this shouldn’t keep you from putting your needs and desires before the Lord. He knows everything therefore you do yourself an injustice by keeping different aspects of your life away from Him. With that being said know that your father knows your needs and no matter how difficult life may be or how dark it may seem, He will provide for you. That is something you ought to be sure of that the Lord is always there and He will be your provider, even when life circumstances says otherwise. As a child of God you have no need to worry about what you will eat or wear because He said He will provide and He will. 

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