He Is What You Need

January 23

Isaiah 40:29 NLT “He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless.”
There are many instances and many situations where the harder you try to mend something, the worse it becomes. It can be a relationship where you try to stay and do the right things only for the other person to get upset. It can be another at work where no matter how hard you try you’re labeled the bad person. Or even in a school where it seems, you can never get a break no matter what angle you take. Regardless of the situation, remember that God is in control, not you. Remember that it is He who is able to mend and correct all which needs mending.

In every situation what your focus needs to be is making sure that you do not wrong anyone, and that you do not act out of the character of Christ. There are some of us who will quickly “put Jesus on the side” and handle their situations and thereafter take hold of Him again. This is absurd because Jesus is not a convenience piece for any of us. He is not something we can show off and then put away when we deem necessary. You cannot play games with God. Know that He is able to help you in every situation, so you don’t have to ever put Him off. When you’re feeling powerless, God will empower you. He will give you what you need to handle that situation you find yourself in. Do not always try to fix things on your own. Acknowledge that God is the one who empowers you. Let Him know your weakness and He will grant you all that you need.

If you ever try to play games with God you will be the one wanting, so do not do it to yourself. He is ALL you will ever Need. Whether strength, peace, love, joy, power, wisdom, grace, understanding, favor, or whatever else it may be, He has it all and He is willing to give you all that you need.

Isaiah 40:29

29 He gives strength to the weary
    and increases the power of the weak.
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