June 20

Proverbs 30:5

Every word of God proves true. He is a shield to all who come to him for protection.

God is a faithful God, and he is true in all of His ways. There is none higher than him neither is there any who can stand to compare to Him. He is the Alpha, and the Omega and every word He has ever spoken proves to be true. His word stands on its own, and it can sustain itself. Many are the things God has said about you, many are the promises that what He has made, and though at times it may seem like God is far away from you or that he is nowhere to be found, His word has made it very clear that never will He leave you nor will He ever forsake you. 

Are you going through a period where you are insecure about your life and about the promises that the Lord has spoken about you? The good news is, God’s words are above reproach, His word is Ye and Amen. He has a never lied, and he will not start lying with you. His faithfulness speaks for itself, and that alone should assure you. Everything he has said is real, and it will happen as he has said it. Therefore do not listen to the lies that come to contradict the truth of God. Listen instead to what the Lord has spoken and believe in your heart that his word, once spoken, will not return to him void. In other words, His words will be fulfilled in your life. Have faith and be assured that His words will prove true today, tomorrow and forever more. 

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