June 19

Job 31:33

“Have I tried to hide my sins like other people do, concealing my guilt in my heart?”

Do you catch yourself hiding from God from time to time? Typically our first instinct, whenever we do something wrong, is to run. Others times, our first thought is to tell lies to keep the incident hidden. We try so much to deceive others that we often end up deceiving ourselves. Trying to hide our sins from others is very futile and detrimental to our walk and our wellbeing. The truth is God knows everything. There is nothing hidden, nor is there anything that will ever be hidden from Him. He knows it all, and there’s nothing you and I can ever keep away from Him. If there’s anyone who knows the dark hidden secrets of your heart, it is God; therefore, there is no sense or reason for hiding from Him. The more you try to hide your sins from the Lord, the more exposed your heart becomes to other dangers.

When we keep our sins away from God, we only remain bound. Secondly, it makes no sense to run away from the one who has the key to your freedom. Freedom starts with us, first, recognizing our sin and confessing it to the Lord. When you open up to the Lord, you give Him the chance to come in and fix everything. Do not deceive yourself into thinking that hiding keeps you safe, because it doesn’t. Release yourself from all deception, acknowledge your sins, and open yourself up to Him. Do not conceal your guilt. Expose it to Him, and He will cleanse you. 

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