December 9

Psalm 147:3

He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds. 

Have you ever asked yourself why you try so hard to hide your feeling and your situations from God? The chances are you don’t have a legitimate reason but it’s just something you do. For some keeping God at a distance is a part of their lives and they do not even recognize what their doing. The truth is somethings are and will be above you but there’s nothing above God. He heals all wounds  and yours aren’t exempt. 

Do not be too proud or too ashamed to be vulnerable with the Father. He is able to heal every heart and take care of every wound. He heals but we have to want the healing. For most of us we’re so messed up not because healing is not available but because we refuse to accept it. For one reason or the other whether by virtue of regret, or embarrassment and shame we don’t think we ought to receive it but God’s gift to us isn’t because of anything we’ve done or what we are but it’s solely because of Himself. Allow Him to heal and take care of you. You deserve to receive healing because He has made it possible for you to receive. 

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