September 23

Psalm 116:5

“The Lord is gracious and righteous; our God is full of compassion.”

Our God is greater, our God is indeed stronger . He is higher mightier, more glorious, more loving, and more gracious than any other. He is Jehovah He is Yahweh, He is the everlasting He is the king and He is the Lord. He is Ye and Amen. The one true God and the one and only Savior. Yes He is awesome He is compassionate in his ways and has a heart like no other. Our miracle working God. Our marvelous, glorious and merciful Lord.

He is the reason why we live. The reason why we sing and the reason why we are. He alone is our Lord and our strength. Through Him alone does life exude. He is good and He is God. Magnify Him. Honor Him. Adore Him. For He deserves it!

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