July 21

James 3:16

“For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice.”

Envy and selfish ambition is part of the sinful nature of the flesh. When we feed our flesh more than we do the Spirit then sin is able to take root and rule where it does not belong. We ought to feed the Spirit so much that it is able to overcome and overtake the flesh. We are children of God and we ought to be a representation of Christ in every way we are given. The God we serve is a God of love and not of selfish ambition or evil intent. With this knowledge and the knowledge that we ought to be a representation of Christ, we should know that selfishness and all evil deeds should be far from us.

We have to strip ourselves away from enviousness and all evil intentions and thoughts because the one we serve isn’t anything like that. Being a representative of Christ means being loving, gentle, kind, patient, steadfast etc. As Christians, there’s a standard we have to live up to and we must strive to be like Him because He lives in us. Let people see you and glorify the name of the Living God for He is good and He is mighty. Where ever you find yourself let peace, love, joy, all the good things of the Lord be found in you wherever you go.

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