Be The Light

July 20

Isaiah 58:10

Feed the hungry, and help those in trouble. Then your light will shine out from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be as bright as noon.

How bright does your light shine? Is the light within you able to illuminate a room or the space you find yourself in at any given time? To answer these question we must first and foremost have light. How can anyone shine from within when there is no light on the inside. We must get close to the one who is Light Himself and allow Him to shine through us. When His light shines through us we are able to love like Christ, have mercy and compassion for others like He does for us.

Before we can go out to shine we need to spend time with the Glorious Light which is God. It is only when we spend time in Him and take on the nature of Christ that we can go out and be a light. It is only then that we will see the hungry and the homeless and the broken and whole-heartedly give unto them.

Let us spend time with God so that we can shine brightly outwardly as He shines gloriously within us and upon us. Allow your light to bring glory to His holy name. Open your heart and your hands to those around you and give. Give encouragement, empowerment, love, a listening ear, compassion, etc.. Give until you can give no more and even in that instance give some more. Let darkness run and hide when you are around simply because Christ is in you and your light is shines as He.

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