December 13

Mattew 9:29

Then he touched their eyes and said, “Because of your faith, it will happen.” 

What are you believing God for? What is that thing you are hoping will work in your favor. What is that thing you have been wondering if God can do? God is able to do all things. There is nothing He has not been able to do in the past life, and there is there nothing He cannot to do in this life. Our God is able. He is able to do everything we can ever think or imagine and the things we cannot even fathom He can do that and more. Where does your faith lie? What are you holding onto? It is not a question of whether or not God can do it but rather a state of heart. Do you trust Him enough to put all your hope in Him, enough to trust what He says. Faith plays a big role in our relationship with God. We can either tie His hands behind His back with our lack of faith, or we can break open His hands by virtue of our faith.

  It is all dependent on us, where our heart is and what we truly believe. Let us approach God with a different attitude and heart. Approach the Lord like you know Him. Approach Him like he has done something for you before. Approach him as someone whose character you are well aware of.  One who is able to do all things. Do not let your lack of faith hinder you, rather let your abundance there of bring you excess.  Whatever you are hoping for, keep hoping and let your faith work for you. 

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