October 5

Luke 6:33

“And if you do good to those who are good to you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners do that.”‭

It is very easy to love those who love you and do good to those who do good to you. When it comes to showing love and grace to those who replicate those same things for you it is almost seemingly effortless. As believers however that’s something that is expected of us. 

Where the work comes into play is showing love and mercy to those who hate and oppose you. That’s where the work is. As scripture says what good is it if you only do good to those who do good to you. We as believers have been called to shine our light in darkness and show those around us the love of God. Especially in our world today where everything seems to be dependent on one thing or the other, we ought to show the world that which is different and of God. We ought to love those who hate us. Do good to those who do evil against us and show mercy to those who persecute us. There ought to be a difference between you as a believer and the one who is an unbeliever. Show grace even in the most difficult of times. Let the love of God speak even to those who speak evil against you.  Show the world around you that Jesus is Lord and in you His Spirit dwells. 

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