Do Not Wait

May 10

Psalm 9:1 NIV “I will give thanks to you, LORD, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.”

It is saddening to see how we run to God when things aren’t going well, But when all things are well we forget He exists. We mainly remember Him when the going gets though. He becomes our savior when there’s a need that needs to be fulfilled. When we need something we run to Him in all respect and in all diligence. Crying praying and pleading with God for intervention in our lives and our different circumstances. We are always quick to tell Him of our needs but we forget to thank Him when the waves pass over.

The thanksgiving aspect of the equation always seems to elude us. Think of how quick you are to show gratitude to mere men when they do good to you. Now compare it to God, the one who wakes you up on daily basis? The one who gives you breath for every moment, who gives you the ability to walk, talk, reason and so much more. We are slow to show gratitude to Him because of our entitled mindset. Because we forget that God does not owe us anything but that He does all that He does out of love.

We cannot treat God like a genie in the bottle who is only good for providing needs. The Lord has done many things for us all, so much that if we were to sit and count we would grow old and yet we will still be counting. Be encouraged not to always be on the end of asking but always, be at the end of thanksgiving because the same God we run to with our problems deserves our genuine thanksgiving. Do not wait to see something big and miraculous, because your life and the breath you are taking in this very moment is miraculous enough  So even if you do absolutely nothing today just thank the Living God because He is Good.

Thank Lord with your whole heart. Render all the praises unto His Holy name. Be faithful in your praise.

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