September 2

1 Corinthians 5:12

“What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside?”

“You cannot judge me. Only God can judge me.” These statements are the typical rhetoric used in the body of Christ. It is saddening to see Christian men and women wanting to be left alone in their sin all under the disguise of “Don’t Judge Me.” Many of us want to live in any manner we want. We want to indulge in sin whenever, and wherever we want, using the excuse of no judgment as a means of protection for ourselves. 

As Christians, however, we have the responsibility of looking out for other Christians. Which means if a brother or a sister is dwelling and indulging in sin, we have the responsibility of calling them out of their iniquity; however, we must do so in love. In other words, our job is to judge other Christians or call them out. Our job is not to judge the world because the world does not know any better. We must stop parading ourselves with this belief of Only God Can Judge. If you are wrong and someone calls you out of that sin, take it in good faith and seek to repent and change your ways. Stop making excuses for your sin. If you sin in the body of Christ, you shall be called out in love. Receive it graciously and change your ways. We cannot leave the church to judge the world when the church itself is full of individuals indulging in filth. 

So for those of you who believe you can live life anyhow without anyone being able to correct you, you are mistaken.  It is better if someone is judging you and leading you to repentance than not judging you and watching you rot in hell for your sin.

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